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Aviran Revach
3 min readJan 16, 2021

My brave new mission and a daring new promise.


I’ve experienced many wonderful things during my years as a design leader. I have ideas to share and stories to tell. Challenges, opportunities, and life-changing events keep happening, and insights and revelations arise as a result. Relationships with colleagues and friends keep challenging my thoughts, and new books I read inspire and excite me daily. I promised myself I’d share them, write them down, and hold onto these thoughts. But writing is one of my biggest challenges, and real life is so powerful that I immediately get drawn to the next mesmerizing challenge.

But no more. Today, I’m throwing my backpack over the fence.

“Who are you?”

I’m Aviran Revach, a seasoned product designer and design leader with over 15 years of extensive experience in the product world. As the CEO and experience director of my previous UX agency, I’ve led and designed the UX of many diverse products for top startup and enterprise companies, used by hundreds of millions of users worldwide. Currently, I’m the Head of UX & Design at Soluto by Asurion, Tel-Aviv. I’m also a UI/UX design mentor & lecturer and a passionate technology geek.

“What kind of articles are you planning to write?”

I want to write about my passion and my interests:

  • Design leadership, design culture.
  • Product design, user experience, customer experience, innovation.
  • Team growth, personal growth.
  • Work processes and productivity, design ops.

I’ve published only a few articles in the past. Honestly, writing is my biggest struggle, but I always believed in embracing my un-comfort zone. There’s so much for me to achieve within.

“What are your writing goals?”

I'm glad you asked!

  • First, I want to improve my writing skills ✍️. I want to write creatively, tell better stories, improve my vocabulary, and discover writing techniques. I want to write short stories, as well as long articles.
  • I want my learning to be more profound 📚. I want to have a deliverable for me when I’m developing ideas or learning something new. Reading a new book becomes exhilarating when I think about how I’ll curate my favorite parts and insights in an article.
  • I want to share more 🤲. I want to share my insights, work techniques, and thoughts. I do this at work and as a design teacher/lecturer- but I want to take it to the next step and find a different audience — reach more product people — design leaders and managers, senior product designers, and juniors. Maybe even product managers and developers.
  • I would like to include designs and illustrations in my articles, when possible ❤️. As a leader, I don’t have many chances to practice the beloved skills I used throughout my early years as a designer. If this works, I know it will make the process more enjoyable and encourage me to persist.

“…was this an article?”

I know this makes a weird article, but I felt I needed to write this all down. Maybe I felt I needed a commitment — to promise you this, dear imaginary reader-friend. If nothing else, this is a good first-time attempt at translating thoughts into texts and bravely sending them out to the world.
So, here we go.

My first real article will be about one of my favorite subjects; Growth mindset→



Aviran Revach

Design & Tech Geek. Head of design & UX at Soluto TLV. Writes about design leadership & product design.